Sleep Easier, free from the pain of bruxsim and teeth grinding and wake up refreshed

Take Control of your Bruxism & TMJ Disorder

At Bruxadent, we understand Bruxism and know just how life-changing the symptoms of it can be.  We understand how night after night of teeth grinding and clenching can not only permanently destroy our teeth, but also destroy our confidence, leaving us faced with restless nights and days filled with pain.  Living with Bruxism can prevent us from getting on with our lives, overshadowed by headaches, muscle pain, aching jaw, ringing ears (tinnitus) and TMJ Disorder. 

We understand how important it is to protect the teeth we have, whilst finding a solution that can be worn daily.  For most people (myself included), prolonged periods of bruxism usually end with a visit to the dentist, whether that is to prevent further grinding or for restorative work in the form of composite build-ups or crowns.  Although it is possible to restore the appearance of bruxism-related damage, preventing the damage in the first place and avoiding the visit to the dentist has to be the preferred option.  It is certainly the least expensive option!

At Bruxadent, we know how important it is to find a dental guard that is not only effective against the effects of bruxism but is also comfortable enough so that it can be worn daily.  Traditional mouth guards are bulky and uncomfortable, dental whitening trays can be too thin and easily damaged. 

That is why we created a product that is thin, comfortable to wear and highly effective against the effects of bruxism. We know that everyone's mouths are unique, which is why we provide two sizes to ensure that the fit is right for you. 

Easily customisable at home using our clear instructions, you can have an effective solution to your bruxism and TMJ disorder in the time it takes to make a cup of tea. With our guards you can sleep soundly in the knowledge that you are protecting your teeth and wake up refreshed and pain free, allowing you to get on your life without the aches and pain.