About Bruxadent

Bruxism or teeth grinding as it’s more commonly known affects an estimated 10% of the UK Population. I am one of those people having suffered the effects of Bruxism for many years, the low self esteem, headaches, jaw ache, tinnitus and muscle pain.

As an “overnight teeth grinder”, I was unaware I had cause irreversible damage to my teeth until it was too late. The end result was dental work to re-build what I had worn away with composite build ups. I feel incredibly fortunate to have been in a position to receive treatment that could visually replicate what I had lost. Having said that, as I’m sure you’ll agree, retaining your own teeth is by far the most preferred option.

I would personally love to be able to offer a magical cure for bruxism but old habits really do die hard, especially when bruxism more often than not happens on an unconsciousness level whilst sleeping.

I have used guards from the dentist which I found too hard and uncomfortable.  Whitening trays are too thin and easily damaged. I then set out on a mission to offer a dental guard that is comfortable to wear, effective and low cost. Bruxadent is the end result of this mission and I am proud to wear mine each night.

Wishing you all the best with the effective treatment of your bruxsim.